We respond to emergency flood and water damage situations 24/7.

Wet or flooded areas should be attended to without delay. Water can migrate very rapidly, leading to secondary damage. Left unattended, damp will lead to carpet fibre deterioration, mould and subsequent related health risks.

Our process includes:

  • Job site inspection and consultation with hydrometers to fully assess the extent of water damage.
  • Immediate extraction of excess water using powerful truck mounted machines.
  • Removal & disposal of carpet and/or underlay if required.
  • Installation of air mover/dryers to dry the carpet and under flooring. We can also install de-humidifiers if necessary.
  • Regular monitoring of the drying process.
  • Carpet re-laying and cleaning.

With 30 years experience and the right equipment on hand, we will minimise the impact of any emergency as best we can.

Sometimes the cost of restoring carpet from an emergency can far outweigh the cost of replacing it. If this is the case then we’ll extract the water, remove the carpet and arrange for its disposal.

Call our emergency number for 24 hour service 0418473001