Mia and her family are lucky enough to live in the Sutherland Shire, close to the beach.

They love the outdoors and frequently hit the parks, playgrounds, beaches and coffee shops of Cronulla. When not outside playing you’ll find them at home. “We tend to be home a lot with the kids because they are young.” Says Mia.

While this has its advantages it does mean you learn to live with chaos and mess. Toys on the floor, upturned sippy cups, vegemite fingers smeared everywhere… you get the idea.

Mia admits to falling into the ‘supermum’ trap – trying to do everything (work, housework, admin, kids, the list goes on) fortunately she recognises that sometimes we need professional help… and that’s ok.

Blanch & Doyle’s came to the rescue to solve Mia's domestic disasters:

Fabric dining chair regret

Mia bought these chairs pre-kids. Sounded like a good idea at the time, right? It’s a story that’s all too common. Fortunately we get good results cleaning upholstery.

Rocking chair rejuvenation

This lovely rocking chair lives upstairs in Darcy’s room. It is a happy place where babies used to feed in the wee hours of the night. Now said babes are a bit older it’s a dedicated story reading zone.

Carpet care

The upstairs bedroom areas are fully carpeted, overdue for a steam clean, we were able to remove the dust, allergens and household bacteria that build up beneath the surface.

Rug ruckus

We found this well-loved rug in the playroom where it had been used as an artist's canvas and a place to get messy with playdough! Fortunately we have dealt with these challenges many times and know how to get results.

Table and tile

The back yard was looking a little neglected over the wet, cold months "to be honest we haven't set foot in the yard for months" says Mia. Straight away we identified ways to make-over this area. The mould on the concrete table came right off with our industrial equipment. The tiles came up a treat with our full water capture cleaning system. We then applied a penetrating sealer to keep the stone looking new for years to come.

Outdoor area revamp

This gorgeous outdoor seat and fire-pit area was just screaming to be cleaned up. As you can see from the before, during and after photos, we were able to to get some lovely results quite quickly.

“The results are just amazing, I thought I’d come back to a new home”

Mia, Cronulla

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